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Rollerski : Retractable Wheel System


For the past three years, the QUALIPIÈCES team has worked to design a retractable wheel system for snowmobile skis. After numerous calculations and tests, the ROLLERSKI is now on the market. It is available at all Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Polaris, and Yamaha dealers.

The ROLLERSKI is fastened to an axle. The weight pressure of the snowmobile is neither placed on its skis nor carbide studs as they are not designed to support such weight. Instead, the weight rests on the axle, which is designed for this.

The ROLLERSKI is made in Quebec. There is no welding and all parts are machined, ensuring its solidity. It contains a self-lubricating spring isolated in an oil reservoir, eliminating risks of freezing and rust. Lightweight, it boasts an innovative design.


  • Protects your garage floor and driveway surface.
  • Allows for safe passage when crossing roads and bridges, or taking the ferry.
  • Facilitates driving and controlling the snowmobile while on road shoulders, at the hotel, gas station, or restaurant.
  • Reduces wear of your anti-dartings, runners, and skis.


You can activate the ROLLERSKI by simply using light pressure to press the wheel to the ground with your foot. Next, lift the ski and roll the wheel into the right position. The ROLLERSKI automatically retracts as soon as the snowmobile comes in contact with powder snow.

Please note that ROLLERSKI should be used at a speed of less than 13 mph.


Easily installed in 15 minutes, using the provided instruction sheet.
For a copy of the installation sheet, click on "Download the installation guide in PDF format" from the above and on the model you want.

WARNING : The A-1001, the B-2000 and the B-2004 models have some differences.

Manufacturers Years
Arctic Cat 2007 - 2013
Bombardier BRP 2006 - 2013
Polaris 2008 - 2013
Yamaha 2001 - 2013