February 8, 2018




You would be lying to say that you’ve never wish to visit the world with your snowmobile and discover the most unusual places. We want to make you travel a bit and inspire you with our dream destinations from all over the world.

Here is a list of the most beautiful places in the world where you’ll want to go with your ride.


Lapland, Finland


Finnish Lapland is a boreal region located right over the Arctic Circle. Depending of the season, its position gives you the chance to see the greatest view ever: Aurora Borealis during summer, Midnight sun, which is 24hrs per day of sunlight for about 3 months. You’ll get to see the most beautiful scenery completely covered in a white blanket. Stay directly in the winter wonderland of the Finland’s mountain.

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Valdez, Alaska

(source: Justin Befu)

Well known as the snowiest city of North America, you can explore the highest peak and mountain glaciers by snowmobile. A winter sport festival, called Tailgate Alaska happens once a year and lasts 10 days. There is music, contests, parties and many snowmobile rides in the mountain. You can also eat and lodge there.

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Revelstoke, British Colombia


There is a reason why it’s on the lips of every snowmobiler; Revelstoke gets almost 20 meters of snow on the mountain each year. Whether on the trail or off-trail, there is terrain for all kinds of rider. You can rent a snowmobile and the necessary equipment. For your accommodation, the Great Canadian Tour is proposing Glacier House Resort.


Lake Tahoe, California

Who would have thought it could be possible to ride a snowmobile, ski or even snowboard in California. Actually, it is possible at Lake Tahoe. On the border of Nevada and California is located the lake, surrounded by magnificent mountain where you can enjoy winter sports. There is all type of trails and also off-trail roads for every snowmobile lovers.

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