June 12, 2017

ETS students create an ecological snowmobile

Des étudiants de l’ETS créent une motoneige écologique.

A students group from the École de technologie supérieure (ETS) of Montreal, had the chance to participate in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge. The competition that took place in Houghton, Michigan, gave the chance to students to test their multiple knowledge and create a unique ecological snowmobile.

QuiETS – the École de technologie supérieure student’s club.

The École de technologie supérieure purpose is to train students to be great engineers. It’s in 2003 that QuiETS, a school’s student club was created. Their main goal was to create ecological snowmobiles.

What’s the "Clean Snowmobile Challenge"?

The Clean Snowmobile Challenge was founded by SAE International. The association is really conscientious about the environment and aims to develop precise ecological standards.

During the competition, students need to recontruct a recreational vehicle that already exist and reduce its gaz emission. Also, the vehicle needs to be as quiet as possible. Each year, the rules of the contest are revised by the organisation to make the event more actual because of the constant technological evolution. It also brings a new challenge each time.

There are 3 categories in this competition; gas, diesel and electric. The Quiets team decided to choose a gas and diesel powered snowmobile.

ETS students create an ecological snowmobile

A well-deserved victory

Besides numerous challenges in this competition, the team faced unexpected surprises. Just a couple of days before the competition, whilst testing a new high pressure direct injection engine, they encountered problems with the prototype. Even if the team had worked hard months before the event, they had to give up on this project. They also saw the frame on the diesel powered sled break. Once all of these technical problems solved, the problems were not over for the team. Mother Nature had one last surprise for them. In Michigan, rain, snow and wind gusts up to 80 km/h.

Finally, despite all the troubles they had faced, they came out on top as proud winners of the competition.

Here are all the prizes they won during the competition:

In the "gasoline internal combustion" category:

  • 1st  General standings
  • Best engine design
  • Best manoeuverability 
  • Most practical snowmobile
  • Most quiet snowmobile
    And finally, a passed endurance test. 

In the "diesel-powered utility vehicle" category:

  • 1st  General standings
  • Most quiet snowmobile
  • Success in the endurance test
  • Cold start 

Visit their Facebook page to see more pictures and learn more about the team’s victory.

ETS students create an ecological snowmobile