July 4, 2017


At Qualipieces, we are specialised in the snowmobile industry and we are aware that during summer, our clientele do enjoy other power sports.
Here is a list of 8 trips you could do with your ATV or motorcycle

1- Gaspésie
About 855km of loop itinerary. You can try all the sea food the region has to offer in local restaurants and many touristic attractions. What’s better than a delicious fresh lobster dinner after a long motorcycle ride? During the high season, in the summer, many lodging opportunities are offered for the tourists.
Visit the Gaspésie Tourism website to book your next trip right away!

2- Charlevoix
A total of 216km with 3 different motorcycle roads. With multiple restaurants in the area, Charlevoix has all kinds of activities to please everyone. From forest or mountain trails, to relaxing spa packages or even a fun night at the Charlevoix Casino, there sure is something to satisfy everyone.
To see all accommodation visit the Charlevoix Tourism website.

3- Lake Superior circle tour
One of the longest rides we suggest is in Ontario. A 2300km predetermined route all around the Lake Superior is available just for you. With a numerous amount of restaurants and attractions on the way, you’ll feel safe knowing that there are about 10 repair shops if anything happens during along the way. This is perfect for your long trip!
Visit their website for more information.

4- Cabot road
Located on the Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia, you’ll find 300km of winding roads. Sea tours are also an option during the trip. It is also possible to camp on the island and even play golf.
For more activities idea, visit the website.

5- Edgewater park lodge
Stay in the prettiest cabin of Kearney in Ontario, with over a hundred kilometres of ATV roads. Right in the middle of nature, you can access to trails directly from your door!
Book your trip right here on their website or for more information.
6- The Laurentians
During the summer season, with over 2000km of trails, the Laurentians offers many attractions during your ride. Also, the area has more than 20 outfitters to satisfy hunting and fishing fans. All kinds of lodging package are available for your stay.
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(Source : Québec Original)
7- Mountainview lodge
Located right along the Goulais River, Mountainview Lodge offers the possibility to rent ATV. You can either choose to stay in a cabin or camp on the field of the site. Hunting, fishing and even animated nights are happening every week at the resort.
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8- Balsam woods
With a direct access to 1600km of ATV trails, Balsm woods is the perfect camping place when you’ll be travelling to Maine, US. A big pool, park, festivities and lots of activities are available for all ages during the summer season.
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