Top Gold carbide runners for BRP
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Cobra anti-darting system for BRP


The Cobra eliminates 95% of darting on snowmobiles. Built for safety, they protect the front of the ski keel and do not affect fuel consumption or speed while reducing premature wear of the steering mechanism. Made with 75 % carbide with 2” at 90 degrees and 8” at 90 degrees, their advanced design promises the best of control and increased surface adherence on the trails. Perfect for riding enthusiasts family outings,performance trail excursions, touring or high speed professional.

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Accessories TypeAnti-Darting device
Carbure lenght4
Carbide width1/8"
Carbide angle90
Runner diameter1/2''
Runner shapeRectangulaire
Number of studs2
Studs dimension5/16"
Product lenght13 1/2
Distance between studs 1 and 26 3/8"
Affects dartingÉlimine 95%
Affects top speedNo
Affects gas mileageNo
Mordant en virage4
Nuts included?Yes
Drilling requiredYes


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