Top Gold HC runners for Polaris
Agressive Ride

Carbide Runner - HC - 60° / 6"


Our gold plated carbide HC runners are the ultimate durable runners. Built with superior materials, they are resistant to wear and rusting. Their progressive design and rectangular form, made from 75% carbide from 2” set at 90 degrees to 6” set at 60 degrees, give you the power to negotiate tighter turns without affecting top speeds and fuel consomption.

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Accessories TypeCarbide runners
BrandTop Gold
Carbure lenght6
Carbide width1/8"
Carbide angle60
Runner diameter3/8" x 1/2"
Runner shapeRectangulaire
Number of studs3
Studs dimension3/8"
Product lenght15 1/2"
Distance between studs 1 and 24 3/4"
Distance between studs 2 and 37"
Affects dartingnone
Affects top speedNo
Affects gas mileageNo
Mordant en virage4
Nuts included?Yes
Drilling requiredNo
Additionnal features
  • 1"wear pad in the front
  • 2" carbide at 90 degree
  • Beveled in the front and the back


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