Frequently Asked Questions

Among the Top Gold, dual-carbide and Cobra runners, which one should I choose?

Runner specifications chart:

  Top Gold standard runner Top Gold carbide runner Top Gold dual-carbide runner Cobra runners
Edges Streamlined Streamlined Streamlined Streamlined
Friction Low Low Medium Very low
Anti-darting N/A N/A 100 % 90 - 95 %
Materials Steel Steel & Carbide Steel & Carbide Steel & Carbide
This is the runner for me if... I travel only on snow-covered trails. I travel on hard, icy trails and want to make tight turns without changing my speed. I want to completely eliminate any darting. I want to eliminate almost all darting, without affecting fuel consumption.
Fuel consumption Affected Affected Affected Unaffected

Which parts are compatible with my snowmobile?

Our parts are compatible with all snowmobiles. To find your parts, refer to our product search engine. Indicate your snowmobile's make and model, then select the type of parts you need.

Can I install Qualipieces accessories myself?

All Qualipieces accessories can be easily installed or repaired in less than 30 minutes because, unlike similar products, they are precision machined and interlocking. Please refer to our part installation guides.

What are your shipping & return policies?

Qualipieces is committed to offering the best possible service, which is why all orders are shipped in less than 48 hours. If a part does not meet your expectations, it can be returned to Qualipieces within 10 days following delivery. To learn more, please refer to the section: Shipping & return policy.