As smart as is bright

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Processeur intégré

Integrated processor

Our terrain data management processors determine vehicle inclination and acceleration to point the light beam where you need it most.

Prêt à l'emploi

Plug and play

ASIO Evo light bars generate their own data and work independently of vehicle-specific information systems.

Lumière intelligente

Intuitive Lighting

ASIO Evo automatically adapts to your needs while driving, using a combination of spot and flood light.



Our light bar, with the use of reflector technology, beams the light exactly where you need it according to the inclination of your vehicle.

Une barre lumineuse qui redéfinit la normeUne barre lumineuse qui redéfinit la norme
asio evo intelligent led light bar

A light bar that raises the bar

Thinking at the speed of light requires a combination of power, precision and advanced technology. When travelling at greater speeds, seeing far into the distance is vital. When turning, we need to be able to see clearly what’s around us.

We put technology to work for our lights. All our proprietary tech is miles ahead of the competition, letting you see what’s ahead more clearly than ever before.

Why ASIO? The code in our lighting leaves the competition in the dark.


Light your way

Our passion for secure performance is what led us to develop our light bar because one thing performance enthusiasts never want to see is something at the last second.

With our precision lighting on your vehicle, ASIO brings increased safety to your off-road vehicle whether it’s an ATV, Jeep, side-by-side, truck or rally car.

Voyez-le pour le croireVoyez-le pour le croire

See it. Believe it.

Barre lumineuse à DEL standardBarre lumineuse à DEL standard
Standard LED light bar
Barre lumineuse à DEL Asio EvoBarre lumineuse à DEL Asio Evo
ASIO Evo LED light bar Adapts to different trail conditions