September 6, 2017



Each year, winter shows up before we know it. It is important to be prepared for the upcoming season.

Just like us, you know that on a snowmobile trip it is essential to stay warm and to be in comfortable cloths. Here is a list of our favorite snowmobile cloths to be perfectly set for your next riding trip.

The FXR monosuit



Trendy in the 70’s, the monosuit still seems to be neglected  by snowmobilers, even a year after its comeback on the market. FXR came out with a monosuit collection, for women, men and even for kids. They offer a wide range of colored suits from very colorful for the stand out type and an all-black suit for a more casual look

The ultimate debate on the product is whether it’s too warm, or not enough. Some proved that the monosuit is pretty comfortable after doing different tests. The FXR monosuits have many hermetic zippers to let your body breathe and stay dry.

What we like the most about it, is that no matter what you do, there is no chance of getting snow under your cloths.


Snowmobile boots from Baffin

Left (men): SELKIRK

Right (women): HANNAH

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, comfort while snowmobiling starts by staying warm. We know Canada’s climate may be surprising and it’s a priority to be well dressed during snowmobile rides. We did lots of research to find the perfect Canadian climate adapted boots.

For the past 20 years, Baffin Company have been aware of the most recent cold protection technology. From waterproof boots to arctic boots for more extreme temperatures, Baffin manufacture equipment for all kinds of needs. Their warmest boots can resist temperatures of -100°C! Also, they’ve created a snowmobile line of boots.

We really liked the average prices the company offers.


Tundra split finger gloves from Klim

Combining a regular mitten to a 5 finger glove, the Klim split finger gloves are the perfect accessory to keep your hands warm during your snowmobile trip.

Actually, mittens are better than anything else at keeping your hands warm. Because your fingers are in contact inside, it keeps most of the body warmth. On the other side, it is important to be able to maintain control of the steering when snowmobiling. That’s why some will choose a regular glove to a mitten. The problem with gloves, is that your hands will get cold quicker.

The split finger gloves combines perfectly both accessories. Warmth of regular mittens, and the dexterity of a 5 finger gloves.