Company History

Qualipieces designs, manufactures and distributes utility accessories of the highest quality and maneuverability, specially designed for snowmobiles.

1997 Denis Beaudoin, a snowmobile enthusiast, founded Qualipieces in Drummondville, Quebec. His company specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of standard, carbide and dual-carbide snowmobile runners.

2000 Qualipieces' efforts bring results; the company must lease additional production space in order to respond to clients' growing demands, so they double the production area. The distribution network, powered by Qualipieces branded line of products, extends across Canada from coast to coast.

2005 Most Canadian distributors source their products through Qualipieces, due to its reputation of excellent service and high-quality snowmobile parts.

2006 A new production facility is constructed in Drummondville in order to keep up with the constantly growing demand. Qualipieces prepares to expand into the American market.

2007 Qualipieces offers a new snowmobile product: the Cobra Head anti-darting plate which later becomes the CobraTM anti-darting system. This Canadian-patented device, an advancement for correcting snowmobile darting, allows the company to branch out into the states of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

2008 While continuing to grow its American clientele, Qualipieces launches a new system designed to simplify off-trail snowmobile travel: The RollerSkiTM auto-retractable wheel system offers self-lubricating springs and an innovative, U.S. patented design, with patent pending in Canada.

2010 Qualipieces adds yet another new product to its catalog: the Trail BlizzerTM ice scratcher, manufactured at the Drummondville factory. The product has seen tremendous success since its introduction, in part thanks to its unique & patented anti-loosening device.

2011 The Qualipiece carbide runner, anti-darting device and self-retractable wheels remain among the most popular products for sled enthusiasts. The company decides to expand its offering and create the PK3 dolly sets and RS2 shop dolly under the BaselineTM brand.

2015 Qualipieces is updating its look! The continually growing company is hiring new team members, redesigning its website and optimizing its marketing strategy so product promotion reflects their high-quality production standards- because the search for excellence goes beyond the product line!

The story doesn't end there...

Always on the lookout for new development potential, Qualipieces has created its unique brands that offer products similar to those already on the market....only greatly improved! In fact, as its track record shows, Qualipieces will stop at nothing to satisfy the needs of snowmobile enthusiasts. Gone are runners that wear out prematurely or bulky, cumbersome wheels; our parts are carefully perfected and tested until the quality standards offer our ideal product.

Are you ready to experience the difference? Try Qualipieces' products today!