Sponsorship & donation

Sponsorship and donation policy

Selection criteria

Preferred sectors

Donations and sponsorships must be in one of the following sectors:

  • Amateur sport and physical activity;
  • Socio-community setting;
  • Education and entrepreneurship;

Target clients

The project or event must provide Qualipièces visibility to at least one of the following groups:

  • Consumers of Qualipièces’ products or potential consumers;
  • Interest groups that share Qualipièces’ values and philosophy;
  • Business people related to Qualipièces;
  • The media;


Choices regarding donations and sponsorships must respect Qualipièces’ values and vision.


The project or the event must help Qualipièces to promote its products and activities.


Altough each cause is important and Qualipièces recognizes its importance, the company has chosen not to support the following requests:

  • For-profit organizations or corporations;
  • Involving the sale of tickets by Qualipièces’ employees;
  • Supporting political or lobbying group;
  • Individuals or families in need;

Additional informations

All request must be submitted by our web form at least eight (8) weeks prior the event. Only people whose approved request will be contacted. All communication will be made by e-mail. Please do not contact us by phone.

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